DIY Balloon Garland Tape


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Make your own beautiful DIY balloon garlands with this fantastic clear balloon garland tape.

Simply insert each balloon into the balloon chain holes and you’re ready to go. The perfect decoration for a birthday party, baby shower or wedding.

Balloon tape measures 5m long and has 108 holes.
Please note image is shown darker for illustrative purposes only. Balloon tape is see-through.

How To Make A Balloon Garland:
– Choose a range of different coloured balloons that match your party theme.
– Inflate each balloon to your desired size. We recommend a mixture of 28-30cm and 12cm balloons.
– Cut the balloon tape to your desired length.
– Insert the balloons into the balloon strip by pushing the tied end into each hole.
– Depending on how ‘full’ you want the balloon garland, insert balloons into every hole, or every second hole.
– For larger balloon garlands or a balloon column, use balloon glue dots to bulk it out with additional balloons.
– Attach the balloon garland to a wall or ceiling using sticky tape, string or 3m hooks (not included)


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